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Mulkern Associates exists to help CEOs, business owners, and other executives achieve and sustain maximum leadership effectiveness and enterprise value.

We accomplish this, firstly, by a thorough assessment of each client’s needs and, secondly, with highly individualized executive coaching, organizational development, and human capital management approaches.

Our vision is that executive clients will find with us a source of clear, focused reflection, while stepping away temporarily from the storms, battles, pitfalls and risks of daily business life. We aim to lessen the sense of isolation that often comes with making tough decisions and to better enable the executive to build a team of enthusiastic, committed and loyal colleagues.



Executive Launch refers to the process of preparing a newly promoted – or soon to be promoted executive – for success and effectiveness with his or her new position. This involves assessing the client’s strengths and areas for development and gaining clarity and agreement on the new roles, responsibilities, and authority. Enhancing leadership skills such objective setting, delegation, communication, feedback, and conflict resolution may form a central part of the process.

The purpose of the Team Assessment is to provide executive clients with a highly detailed and specific profile of how well their management team is functioning.
team-planningTypically conducted with the CEO and the other senior team members, the process begins with an assessment of how well the team is presently functioning. This assessment forms the basis for setting priorities. Mission, values, and organizational objectives may need to be clarified. Team conflicts are typically rooted primarily in misalignment, that is, disagreements over roles, responsibility and authority. For this reason, Individual Key Result Areas are agreed upon, and objectives, with action plans, are set. The focus is, firstly, on team commitment to a set of measurable outcomes and, secondarily, on the management styles, communications techniques, team practices, and other resources needed to achieve them.
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