Can You Sell Your Business When the Time Comes?

According to the International Business Brokers Association, only 10% of all private companies put on the market for sale every year in the U.S. actually sell. Department of Labor statistics put the number at 17%. The general consensus is that the odds are very low. When the time comes for you to sell, how do you become one of the lucky few?

If that question interests you, you are invited to be our guest in Pasadena at the upcoming private event “SECRETS OF EXIT AND SUCCESSION PLANNING: Gaining the Outcomes and Health You Seek.”

In this open discussion meeting you will learn the five biggest mistakes business owners make regarding their exit and succession. We will also discuss how the behaviors and outlooks that create success can also be the same ones that will at later stages destroy that success and even contribute to a health crisis.

This private, invitation only event is intended for business owners who wish to increase their company’s enterprise value, preserve their company’s greatest asset—their own health and well-being—and would like to sell or attract investors no sooner than in the next two to five years. An even longer time horizon is better.

To be very clear, this session is not about how to undertake the sale or “equity event” by lining up a broker, investment banker, a CPA, or attorney, etc. In fact, no such “intermediaries” will be present or invited. It is about doing all that you can to make sure that when you decide to exit, your business will be a highly profitable, well-led, acquisition target with potential buyers offering competing bids.

Your host, Tony Mulkern, is a renowned business consultant and executive coach who has added millions of dollars of value to the bottom line of clients. He helps business leaders prepare their companies for a successful transition so they can have the retirement of their dreams—or have the capital to launch their next venture! Tony will share the insider knowledge he has gained working in the mergers and acquisitions field and in increasing the enterprise value of countless companies so that business owners can lay the groundwork for a successful future of their choosing.

There is no cost to attend this private event. There will be no selling of services.

Do Not Be Left Out–First Come, First Serve!

Thursday, September 26, 2019

8:30 am to 11:30 am

Il Fornaio

24 West Union Street,
Pasadena, 91103

Coffee and continental breakfast will be served.
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