Are You Ready Strategic Advising/Coaching?

It is not enough to simply say, “Of course I want to build the value of my company as much as possible.”  Most business owners say this, but few get there.  The reason is that so many are “uncoachable.”

To help you assess whether strategic adisinng and executive coaching services from Mulkern Associates would significantly increase your effectiveness and sense of fulfillment in the job, the following questions are presented,  They are based upon real-life issues we have helped Business Owners, CEOs, Presidents, Board Members, other C-suite executives and entrepreneurs to successfully manage or resolve.

The first question requires a “yes” for you to qualify.  A “yes” to two or more of the others is a strong indicator that you can significantly improve your game with a personalized growth and development plan from Tony Mulkern.

  • Are you a business owner, board member, or executive with high-level responsibilities?
  • Are you disappointed with the results you are getting from your team?
  • Are you worried that you may not be on track to reach your financial goals?
  • Does it worry you that communications have broken down—over never been well-established—between you and other key players?
  • Has the job become less fun, more frustrating, and do you want to regain the energy and momentum you once had?
  • Do you find that members of the management or executive team seem to be in too much distracting or destructive conflict with each other?
  • Does there seem to be some difficult to identify obstacle which is thwarting your efforts to move ahead?
  • Is there a member of your team whom it would be hard to do without yet is hard to put up with, leaving you conflicted as to what to do next?
  • As the business grows, does it seem to be more problematic and puzzling how to attract and retain top-notch talent who will stick with the team?
  • Have you too often had the experience of hiring expensive managerial or executive talent only to be soon disappointed?
  • Do you sometimes feel stymied over the sheer volume or complexity of “people problems” you face?

Few of these issues merely go away or get better on their own. If neglected, they usually get worse, decrease productivity and/or quality, increase risks to the business, and can call into question your leadership.

So what makes a Business Owner coachable?  A study of our clients over the years indicates that a strong candidate for our services will exhibit most of the following characteristics:

  • Ambitious for higher levels of financial and executive success
  • Understands the value of self-development and of working on the business, as a complement to working in the business
  • Finds self-development and business planning to be fulfilling and stimulating
  • Does not pretend to have all the solutions
  • Willing to deal with limiting beliefs that may be obstacles to success
  • Can manage disappointment, confusion or discouragement and seek ways to deal effectively with them
  • Very open to feedback that can contribute to success
  • Willing to take action on valid feedback as a way to achieve objectives
  • Feels energized and focused as a result of discussing critical issues in confidence with a trusted advisor.

If you think you might be benefit from strategic advising and executive coaching, we would be glad to have a confidential, exploratory discussion with you. Call 818.249.0147.

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