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Sales: What is Myth, What is Reality?

No one buys the product or service your organization provides, unless someone sells it, whether this be the necessities that sustain life or the most refined intellectual creations. If someone is exchanging their money for what you sell, someone else persuaded them to do so.

Because successful selling is so fundamental to business and the economy, Mulkern Associates recently developed a sales training seminar based upon many years of successful sales experience, a synthesis of […]

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Recruiting Recruiters for Top Talent

Three million jobs currently go unfilled in the U.S. due to a lack of candidates with the requisite skills. Meanwhile, the national unemployment rate hovers just below 8% officially, or much higher unofficially, counting those who have given up or are “under-employed,” and workplace participation is at a 31-year low. These statistics illustrate that even during economic slowdowns finding the talent to fill certain highly skilled jobs is difficult. This is especially true in […]

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Serious Business: Why it Matters

A painfully slow recovery, such as the one we are in, wears on the nerves of all business owners. It also provides the opportunity for the kind of self-reflection that we have little time for in boom times. Facing our deepest doubts can not only strengthen endurance but eventually help take the enterprise into new areas and heights previously unimagined.

It is natural in stressful times to ask oneself, “Why be in business?” “Are the […]

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Profile of an Entrepreneur: John Frederich

An Interview by Tony Mulkern

Editors Note: From time to time, we publish profiles of selected, long-standing clients of Mulkern Associates. The featured entrepreneur this month is John Frederich, ChFC®, CLU®, CIMA®, and a Private Wealth Advisor in Pasadena, California with Ameriprise Financial. John has been a member of the Ameriprise President’s Advisory Committee since 1998, which is reserved for the top 1% among 12,000 advisors. In this very personal interview, he shares the values […]

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Who’s Making Money Now?

Guess what Amazon, Hershey’s, Wal-Mart, Ryanair, and MacDonald’s have in common? Sales are growing, and they are making money—in the midst of a worldwide recession! How can this be? The answer is simple: they offer good value, high quality customer service, at moderate and reasonable prices.

Amazon’s website is practically flawless and a pleasure to use. Books arrive in a few days. Order the same book at your local Barnes & Nobles, and you can […]

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