212, 2017


December 2nd, 2017|Leadership|

Year-end holidays starting with Thanksgiving are the times for sending messages of gratitude, goodwill, wishes for happy holidays, happy and successful New Years, etc. to clients, customers, employees and various business partners and vendors. Mostly they are mass-produced and -printed, and in a business context are of dubious value.  For example, how many beautifully-designed holiday cards are sent to executives

911, 2017


November 9th, 2017|Leadership|

By Tony Mulkern If you are a business owner and hope to sell or may want to sell your business sometime within the next five years, you need to start preparing now.  As explained last month, only 17% of businesses put on the market actually sell: https://mulkernassociates.com/leadership/can-sell-business-time-comes. To help ensure that you are among that 17% when the time comes,

1810, 2017

Can You Sell Your Business When the Time Comes?

October 18th, 2017|Leadership|

If you own a business, you plan to sell it sometime in the future. Unless the sale will be to a family member for a nominal amount, your expectation is probably to gain a substantial monetary reward for all your years of hard work, risk, and personal sacrifice to build a valuable enterprise.  Unfortunately, the odds are not in your

1302, 2015

Can You Professionalize and Stay Entrepreneurial?

February 13th, 2015|Leadership|

Every leader of a growing and successful entrepreneurial firm, with its informal and loose management controls, will inevitably be advised by consultants that as soon as possible the enterprise should become professionally managed.  This transformation, it is implied, is the formula for future growth and success, not to mention survival.  My experience is that this can become a dangerous illusion.

805, 2014

Waiting for Winds to Fill the Sales

May 8th, 2014|Leadership|

     The economy essentially flat-lined in the first quarter with a growth rate of 0.1%, notwithstanding the addition of 288,000 jobs in April and the fact that the overall outlook for 2014 remains positive.  In this slow recovery, the sense of frustration experienced by many businesses calls to mind a scene from one of those adventure movies with tall ships

2803, 2014

Will Your Successors Be There when You Need Them? Lessons from the Trump Empire on Orderly Transitions

March 28th, 2014|Leadership|

Donald Trump made headlines again last Fall when he announced that instead of naming one of his three eldest children as heir to his fortune, as would have been customary, they will all share equally in ownership and responsibility in leading his multi-billion financial and real estate empire.  Also notable is how carefully he and they prepared for this decision,

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