2006, 2013

Sales: What is Myth, What is Reality?

June 20th, 2013|Business, Sales|

No one buys the product or service your organization provides, unless someone sells it, whether this be the necessities that sustain life or the most refined intellectual creations. If someone is exchanging their money for what you sell, someone else persuaded them to do so. Because successful selling is so fundamental to business and the economy, Mulkern Associates recently developed

704, 2013

Hedging High Dollar Investments in Executives

April 7th, 2013|Leadership|

Would you be willing to make a six-figure investment on behalf of your company that had about a 50% chance of failing, especially if failure would cost you many times your initial investment? Very likely you would say, “No way,” but may be surprised to find that corporations actually do it quite frequently. It happens when they hire new executives.

710, 2012

Recruiting Recruiters for Top Talent

October 7th, 2012|Business, Leadership|

Three million jobs currently go unfilled in the U.S. due to a lack of candidates with the requisite skills. Meanwhile, the national unemployment rate hovers just below 8% officially, or much higher unofficially, counting those who have given up or are “under-employed,” and workplace participation is at a 31-year low. These statistics illustrate that even during economic slowdowns finding the

702, 2012

Serious Business: Why it Matters

February 7th, 2012|Business|

A painfully slow recovery, such as the one we are in, wears on the nerves of all business owners. It also provides the opportunity for the kind of self-reflection that we have little time for in boom times. Facing our deepest doubts can not only strengthen endurance but eventually help take the enterprise into new areas and heights previously unimagined.

111, 2010

Profile of an Entrepreneur: John Frederich

November 1st, 2010|Business, Leadership|

An Interview by Tony Mulkern Editors Note: From time to time, we publish profiles of selected, long-standing clients of Mulkern Associates. The featured entrepreneur this month is John Frederich, ChFC®, CLU®, CIMA®, and a Private Wealth Advisor in Pasadena, California with Ameriprise Financial. John has been a member of the Ameriprise President's Advisory Committee since 1998, which is reserved for

2604, 2010

Positive News versus a Wall in the Head

April 26th, 2010|Leadership|

The other day while reading the Wall Street Journal in Starbucks after a quick lunch, my neighbor at the next table turned to me and said, “All bad news in there, I guess.” To his surprise, I responded that to the contrary there was a great deal of very positive news. After mutual introductions, I learned that he was a

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